Zhi Zhu
Zhi zhu
Vital statistics
Affiliation Black Lotus Tong
Occupation Assassin
Family Soo Lin Yao (sister) †
Appearances The Blind Banker

Zhi Zhu was an assassin for the Chinese criminal organisation the Black Lotus Tong.


Zhi Zhu grew up in China. As both his parents had died when he was young, he and his sister Soo Lin Yao joined the Black Lotus as a smuggler. He eventually became brainwashed by the Black Lotus, completely under the power of General Shan.

He left a warning for Soo Lin on a piece at the National Antiquities Museum. She knew it was the work of her brother and immediately went into hiding. However he eventually found his sister hiding at the museum and killed her, despite the protective attempts of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.


Zhi Zhu appeared in the Sherlock episode The Blind Banker.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In real life, Zhi Zhu was a Chinese military general born in 156 AD.