Transport Minister third suicide
Beth davenport newspaper article
Vital statistics
Newspaper The Times
Publish date January, 2010
Photographs Large photo of Beth Davenport and small photo of DI Greg Lestrade
Subject The death and apparent suicide of Beth Davenport and the similarities to two other deaths

The article on Beth Davenport's death is an article that appeared in the Times newspaper. It described the circumstances of the death of the Junior Minister for Transport Beth Davenport, and the similarities to the deaths of the industrialist Sir Jeffrey Patterson and student James Phillimore.

The article read:

"...junior transport minister ... found dead on a building site ... London. Police are describing her death as a suicide, and Detective Inspector Lestrade has confirmed that the circumstances closely resemble the suicides of industrialist Sir Jeffrey Patterson, and student James Phillimore. In all three cases the cause of death was an undisclosed poison which was apparently taken voluntarily, and each of the three was ... in a remote location, where they ... not normally be found. DI Lestrade ... that the police are treating the ... though was unable to ... link could be. When that ... are impossible, he retorted ...
... Transport, Beth Davenport's ... himself as in "a state of ... as happy with not a ... thing got her down. ... She wouldn't have ...ldn't
...have been ...ot conform to ...d Sergeant ...
In all three cases ... undisclosed ... taken ...


The article appeared in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.