Top Banker Kidnapped is a newspaper article written by Janette Owen.

The article read:

"Sherlock Holmes was last night being hailed a hero yet again for masterminding the daring escape of the kidnapped man.
Scotland Yard had to secretly bring in their special weapon (in the form of Mr Holmes) yet again. The case has drawn a huge amount of attention as the nation became divided about the outcome of the kidnapping. Bankers are certainly not the nation's sweethearts anymore, but Mr Holmes certainly seems to be. As huge crowds gathered for the press conference, Mr Holmes was presented with a gift from the banker's ten year old son. The escape was like something from a film, audacious and meticulously followed out. Mr Holmes was assisted by confirmed bachelor John Watson.
An unexpected run of catastrophes in Australia, New Zealand ...


The article appeared in the Sherlock episode The Reichenbach Fall.