This timeline of events in Sherlock details all events that occur in Sherlock with a known date. Other events with unknown dates are listed as they occurred in their proper places.


Date Event Source
Oct 12[1] Jeff Hope killed the industrialist Sir Jeffrey Patterson. A Study in Pink
Nov 26[1] Jeff Hope killed the student James Phillimore. A Study in Pink
Dec 12 John Watson made his first blog post, titled Nothing. John's blog
Dec 15 John posted his second post, titled Pointless. John's blog


Date Event Source
Jan 25 John's night with rugby friends.

John's blog

Jan 29 John meets Sherlock Holmes for the first time

A Study in Pink and John's blog

Mar 22 Smuggler Eddie Van Coon returned to England from China. The Blind Banker
Mar 23 Sherlock Holmes fought a man about the Jaria diamond case. He and John Watson visit Sebastian Wilkes at the Shad Sanderson Bank.
Mar 25 St Bartholomew's Hospital employee Molly Hooper blogged about Sherlock and her cat Toby. Molly's blog
Mar 26 Molly first met Jim Moriarty, parading as Jim from IT. Molly's blog
John had his first date with Sarah Sawyer at the Chinese circus.
Dec 25 Christmas at 221B Baker Street. A Scandal in Belgravia


Date Event Source
Jan 1 Sherlock visits Barts to x-ray Irene's phone. A Scandal in Belgravia
Irene visits 221B Baker Street.
Jun 16 John's blog post about Sherlock's fall (Charles Augustus Magnussen's information said that Sherlock was officially dead from 2011 to 2013.) John's blog and His Last Vow


Date Event Source
Nov 5 John is almost burnt in a bonfire. The Empty Hearse


Date Event Source
May 18 The wedding of John and Mary Watson. The Sign of Three
Aug 11 Sherlock blogs about the wedding on John's blog. John's blog
Dec 25 Christmas at the Holmes' cottage. His Last Vow
Charles Augustus Magnessen is killed by Sherlock.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. 1.0 1.1 The date is known from the screen caption in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.