St barts

St Bartholomew's Hospital.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, commonly known as Barts, is a hospital in Smithfield, London. John Watson and Mike Stamford went to the hospital to study medicine after their schooling. Mike and the specialist registrar Molly Hooper both currently work at the hospital.

It was the first meeting place of the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his future friend and flatmate John Watson, after the later was taken there by Mike Stamford.

In the middle of 2011, Sherlock Holmes arranged a meeting with the consulting criminal Jim Moriarty on the rooftop of Barts. Jim revealed his plan to kill Sherlock's friends unless Sherlock killed himself, before shooting himself in the head. Sherlock then jumped off the rooftop, falling to his apparent death.


St Bartolomew's Hospital appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

Barts was also mentioned in the January 27 post on Molly Hooper's blog.