Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Vital statistics
Other names Freak (by Sally Donovan)[1]
The Virgin (by Irene Adler)[2]
Shezza (by Bill Wiggins)[3]
Sherl (by Janine)[3]
Occupation Consulting detective
Family Mr. Holmes (father)
Mrs. Holmes (mother)
Mycroft Holmes (brother)
Eurus Holmes (sister)
Appearances All episodes
Main actor Benedict Cumberbatch
Louis Oliver (young)

William Sherlock Scott Holmes[4] is the world's only "consulting detective", a profession he himself created. He lives in London at 221B Baker Street, is the brother between Mycroft and Eurus Holmes, and best friend and former flatmate of Dr John Watson.

Through consultation with New Scotland Yard and a range of private clients, Sherlock has caused the capture or death of many criminals, particularly in and around the London area. These criminals include the serial killer Jeff Hope, the Black Lotus leader General Shan, and the scientist Bob Frankland. However, none of these compared to the consulting criminal Jim Moriarty, who Sherlock considered to be his arch-nemesis (other than Mycroft, of course).

Sherlock and John's relationship climaxed when Sherlock dramatically faked his death by falling from the rooftop of St Bartholomew's Hospital. In the following two years, Sherlock spent his time destroying Moriarty's network across Asia and Europe.


Early lifeEdit

Young Sherlock

A young Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock was born to Mr. and Mrs. Holmes in 1977 with an elder brother Mycroft Holmes and a younger sister Eurus Holmes. For a long time during his childhood, Sherlock and his brother and sister did not socialise with other children. Sherlock was always called unintelligent by his siblings, who knew no other children with which to compare him. At a young age, Sherlock wanted to be a pirate as an adult.[5] He always wanted to have a dog, though that was never allowed by his parents because Mr. Holmes was allergic. When his sister killed his best friend, Victor, out of jealousy, he made up a "better story," involving a dog called Redbeard who was put down. [6]

Sherlock attended university and graduated as a chemist.[7] According to Sebastian Wilkes, while at university Sherlock had the annoying habit of walking into the formal hall for breakfast and deducing who had been sleeping with whom the previous night.[8]

In 2007, Sherlock was involved in a case about a run of vicious triple murders. He was able to convince DI Greg Lestrade that restaurateur Angelo was not the murderer, as at the time the crime occurred he was housebreaking elsewhere.[1]

Life at 221B Baker StreetEdit

Sherlock moved into 221B Baker Street with his future best friend John Watson in early 2010, after being offered a discounted rent from the landlady Mrs. Hudson for ensuring her husband was executed in Florida.

The Study in PinkEdit

Sherlock holmes brixton

Sherlock Holmes at Lauriston Gardens.

After moving in, Sherlock was approached by DI Greg Lestrade about the three linked suicides, after a fourth had been committed. Sherlock brought John along with the crime scene at Lauriston Gardens, Brixton, containing Jennifer Wilson's body. He was able to deduce much about the victim and found "Rache," as in the name Rachel, scratched into the wood of the floorboards. Sherlock left the scene in a hurry to locate her missing pink suitcase, instructing Greg to find Rachel.

Once he found the case in a nearby dumpster, he brought it to 221B Baker Street. When John returned from a meeting with Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock had him text a message to Jennifer Wilson's phone, which he deduced would be with the killer. He arranged a meeting at Northumberland Street, waiting for the killer at Angelo's nearby restaurant. Whechosen spot, the pair pursued it. However, the cab's passenger was a recently arrived American.

When Sherlock and John arrived back at 221B Baker Street, they found many police officers, including Greg Lestrade, Philip Anderson, and Sally Donovan, there on a drugs bust. However, the real reason was the suspicion that Sherlock was withholding evidence. Greg told Sherlock that Rachel was not still alive. Instead, she was Jennifer's stillborn daughter from fourteen years earlier. Sherlock worked out that Rachel was the password for Jennifer's phone. Using this and the GPS on the phone, the phone was found to be at 221B Baker Street. Mrs. Hudson announced there was a cab for Sherlock, which he then went outside to catch. He finds the cab driver Jeff Hope who drives him to Roland Kerr Further Education College.

Once inside, Jeff produced two pill bottles and a gun, saying that one pill contained poison while one was completely harmless. Sherlock realised that Jeff was dying from an aneurysm, and Jeff told him that his children received money for every life he took. Sherlock also realised his gun was a fake, in fact, just a novelty cigarette lighter. Jeff still challenged Sherlock to choose a pill, knowing Sherlock would have to prove his intellectual powers. However, before either could consume their pill, Jeff was shot by John through the opposite window after John tracked the GPS signal of the phone.

Sherlock pressed Jeff for the name of his sponsor, which he eventually gave as Moriarty. Sherlock and John left the crime scene after a brief encounter with Mycroft, who increased the Baker Streets Surveillance level.

Life after the fallEdit

Sherlock left London after the fall. His funeral was held and attended by John Watson, though Sherlock's parents did not go due to their knowledge of his survival.[9]

Sherlock spent much time disabling the rest of Jim Moriarty's network. He traveled to the Himalayas to unmask a blonde drug smuggler posing as a monk, to New Delhi to aid Inspector Prakesh find a killer, to Hamburg to work on the jury convicting Trepoff and other cases in Amsterdam and Brussels.[10]

He eventually found himself in Serbia in late 2012, chained up and beaten by a torturer. He got the torturer to leave after revealing his wife's affair and was left alone with a soldier, actually Mycroft Holmes in disguise. Mycroft informed him of an underground terrorist plot in London and asked him to return to London to investigate.

Return to LondonEdit

After arriving in London, Sherlock was taken to Mycroft's office at the Diogenes Club. Mycroft questioned his brother over his activities dismantling Jim Moriarty's network and pressed him to investigate the terrorist threat. After receiving his coat from Anthea, Sherlock asked about John Watson and his upcoming plans.

John and Mary Watson's weddingEdit

John asked Sherlock to be the best man at his wedding. Sherlock found it difficult to write the best man's speech, asking Greg Lestrade for assistance. Sherlock was also tasked with writing a song for the wedding, so he wrote a waltz on the violin.

Sherlock holmes at the wedding

The guests listening to Sherlock's speech.

At the wedding, Sherlock met the chief bridesmaid Janine Hawkins. He also encountered David again, as he joined John and Mary to greet the guests. The speech, despite being initially insulting, proved to be emotional and heartfelt. He recounted the cases of the Bloody Guardsman and the Mayfly Man, highlighting the skills of John.

Sherlock realised that the Mayfly Man was at the wedding, intending to murder someone. Sherlock deduced that the target was James Sholto, John's commander from his time in Afghanistan. Upon Sherlock's instructions, James left the main reception hall. He shut himself in his room, saying he would open the door if Sherlock solved how he would be killed. Sherlock deduced that the photographer had earlier stabbed James with a thin blade, with James' tight belt preventing the wound from bleeding.

A highly placed senator later contacts Sherlock Holmes. The Senator was being blackmailed by Charles Augustus Magnussen. Magnussen was sending her husband's love letters to another woman to coerce her into agreeing to his demands. Meanwhile, John is living the married life with Mary. John is visited by one of his neighbors to fetch her son. John goes to the place where the neighbor's son is. He then meets Bill Wiggins, who turns out to be as smart as Sherlock. It is later revealed that Sherlock was going out with Mary Watson's bridesmaid, Janine. But his relationship was a ruse as he was using her to break into Magnussen's place of business. Janine later breaks the relationship. The scene then changes to the Holmes parents' residence. John and Mary reconcile, but as they do so, Mary and everyone else passes out. Sherlock had drugged them so he can get the information on his brother's laptop. He then was going to swap the computer in exchange for the information that Magnussen had on Mary and the Senator.

As Sherlock and John arrive at Appledore, they are received by Magnussen. But they are met with a shocking truth. There was no such thing as the Appledore vaults. It was all inside Magnussen's Mind Palace. He takes them outside where Mycroft, upon realizing that Sherlock had taken his laptop with England's Secrets on it, was waiting. To the surprise and shock of everyone, Sherlock pulls out John's gun and shoots Magnussen in the head, killing him. Mycroft then plans for Sherlock to leave the country and go on a top-secret mission for MI6. As the plane is getting ready to depart, every screen in London is hijacked and replaced with Moriarty's face saying, "Did you miss me?" implying that Sherlock was needed once again.


"Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist, and if they did I wouldn't be one of them."
—Sherlock Holmes to John Watson.[src]

Sherlock is a bizarre character, cold, cunning, and heartless, but on the other hand, he is warm, trusting, and rather flamboyant. He considers himself to be a high-functioning sociopath, though that may or may not be true.

"All emotions and in particular love stand opposed to the pure, cold reason I hold above all things."
—Sherlock about his feelings.[src]

Sherlock is not observant of other people's feelings, especially after deducing facts about them. For example, he was surprised when Molly Hooper reacted angrily to Sherlock's reveal of her boyfriend's homosexuality. At the 2010 Christmas gathering at 221B Baker Street, he mercilessly revealed Greg Lestrade's wife's adultery, Harry Watson's return to alcoholism and the fact that he believed Molly Hooper had a small mouth and breasts.[11]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Deductive reasoning: Sherlock has immense powers of deduction and can deduce many facts about a person or situation simply by observing. However these deductions are not always perfectly accurate, such as a wrong gender in the case of Harriet 'Harry' Watson.[12] He also commonly requires silence and no distractions to aid his thinking.[1]
  • Combat skills: Sherlock has displayed skilled moves in combat. He has disabled a group of trained and armed CIA operatives[2] and survived an encounter with the assassin Zhi Zhu.[13]
  • Mind Palace: Sherlock has a mind palace which he uses to aid his thinking. This memory technique works by visualising an area where you can place memories for safekeeping, then retrieving the memories of them later. This Mind Palace proved particularly useful when Sherlock was shot by Mary Watson. Sherlock's Mind Palace, which contained Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper, Philip Anderson and Jim Moriarty, aided Sherlock in his survival from the bullet wound.[3]
  • Disguise: Sherlock has been shown in the series multiple times to disguise himself and sneak through securities. In The Great Game he sneaked inside an art gallery by posing as a security guard, In The Hounds of Baskerville he entered a high-security military compound. He posed as his brother before being caught in 23 minutes, and in The Empty Hearse, he posed as a waiter in a restaurant John was in.
  • Homeless Network: As Sherlock said The Homeless Network are his eyes, ears and on occasion his hands in London. Sherlock pays the homeless network to gather information more efficient than the police. In The Reichenbach Fall, he had the Homeless Network block off the ways to the hospital to fake his death.


Sherlock Holmes has appeared in all Sherlock episodes:

He has also been mentioned in John Watson's blog, Molly Hooper's blog, Connie Prince's website, and his website The Science of Deduction.

Sherlock also appeared in the unaired pilot episode.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sherlock Holmes is portrayed by the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Allusions to Conan Doyle storiesEdit

Sherlock Holmes is based on the character of the same name from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. The two characters bear many similarities, such as:

  • Sherlock lives at 221B Baker Street with John Watson, as did the original Holmes.
  • Sherlock enjoys smoking, though finds the habit hard in a modern London, instead often using nicotine patches. The original Holmes also smoked, commonly from a pipe.
    • Sherlock once used three nicotine patches at once, due to the case being a "three patch problem." This alludes to the original Holmes' reference, "three pipe problem."

Notes and referencesEdit

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