Sherlock & John: Blogger Detectives
Vital statistics
Publish date 2010
Photographs A large photograph of Sherlock Holmes in a deerstalker hat
Subject The rising popularity of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock & John: Blogger Detectives is an article written about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. It featured a picture of Sherlock wearing a deerstalker hat.

The article read:

"Little is known about Sherlock himself but John, 37, is believed to have been a war hero in Afghanistan. Now, the brave soldier has turned from fighter to writer. His blog, has become an overnight sensation. It details the cases he and Sherlock have solved - and also reveals the salacious truth about their home life!
Users of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter have set up groups and fan pages and even fake accounts claiming to be the Baker Street bachelors. The hastag "Sherlock" has been a ...
... lives of six people was blamed, by the authorities, on a gas leak. John sensationally revealed on his blog that the devastation was actually caused by a mad terrorist bomber known as Jim Moriarty. Links between Moriarty and Al-Qaeda have yet to be ruled out.
It appears that Sherlock and John are untouchable - feared by the police and criminals alike. But for how long can this be the case? Will there come a time when sensationally revealed on his blog that the Hat-Man and Robin's luck changes? And, if so, what will this mean for ...


The article appeared in the Sherlock episode A Scandal in Belgravia.