Sally Donovan
Sally donovan press conference
Vital statistics
Affiliation Metropolitan Police Service
Occupation Police officer
Position Detective Sergeant
Appearances A Study in Pink
The Great Game
The Reichenbach Fall
The Sign of Three
Main actor Vinette Robinson
Zawe Ashton (pilot)

Sally Donovan is a Metropolitan Police sergeant under DI Greg Lestrade. She despises the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, having nicknamed him "freak".

She was the first at New Scotland Yard to believe Jim Moriarty's story about Sherlock's criminality. These suspicions led to the widespread disbelief in Sherlock and eventually his fall from the St Bartholomew's Hospital roof.


Early Police CareerEdit

When her colleague Philip Anderson's wife was away in early 2010, Sally had an affair with him. She went over to his house on at least one occasion.

Sally Donovan and DI Greg Lestrade held the press conference about the apparent suicide of the Junior Minister for Transport Beth Davenport. They reported on the similarities between her death and the deaths of industrialist Sir Jeffrey Patterson and student James Phillimore. She tried to keep the conference under control after the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes texted everyone in the room multiple times. When Greg gave a gruff response to a question, she whispered 'Daily Mail' as a warning to him.

When Sherlock and John Watson arrived at the crime scene containing Jennifer Wilson's body, Sally met Sherlock with sharp comments and questions. She looked on in horror as Sherlock revealed her affair with Philip.

Sally donovan

Sally Donovan at Brixton.

After Sherlock left John at the crime scene, Sally talked to him, gave him directions to get back to Baker Street and warned him to stay away from Sherlock Holmes.

Later, Sally volunteered to be part of the drug squad that went to 221B Baker Street. She did this purely because of her dislike of Sherlock. While she was there she discovered some human eyes in the microwave, much to her disgust.

When Sherlock left in Jeff Hope's cab, she reminded John about her previous warning about Sherlock.

After Jeff Hope was killed at Roland Kerr Further Education College, Sally explained the situation to John. She was unaware that John was actually the person that had killed Jeff.

Moriarty's Great GameEdit

As Sherlock Holmes and Greg Lestrade looked at Ian Monkford's body, Sally took John Watson aside. She again warned him about being with Sherlock, recommending a safer hobby like model trains, stamps or fishing.

Before Sherlock's fallEdit

Sally donovan at new scotland yard

Sally Donovan talking to Greg Lestrade.

Sally informed Greg Lestrade of Jim Moriarty's break-in to the Tower of London, and then the consequent ones at the Bank of England and Pentonville Prison. Sally and Greg then travelled to the Tower to see what had happened.

Later, Sally helped Greg tell Sherlock Holmes and John Watson about the children's disappearance from St Aldate's School. When Sherlock worked out where they were, she led the team finding the children at the chocolate factory. She was the first one to see them, and reassured them of their safety.

Sally then began to doubt if Sherlock's deductions were possible, cynically congratulating Sherlock on finding the lost children from just one footprint. Sally put her doubting theories to Greg, also citing the fact that the children screamed whenever Sherlock entered the room.

When Greg went to 221B Baker Street and confronted Sherlock, Sherlock was able to guess that it was Sally that was creating the theories.

Sally was in the group that went to arrest Sherlock from Baker Street. She very smugly reminded John of the first time they met, and the warning she gave John then.


Sally Donovan appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

She also appeared in the unaired pilot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sally Donovan is played by the English actress Vinette Robinson. In the unaired pilot, she was played by Zawe Ashton.