Reichenbach hero finds kidnap victim
Reichenbach hero finds kidnap victim article
Vital statistics
Author Aileen Hickey
Photographs Sherlock and John with the rescued man
Subject Sherlock's successful efforts to rescue a kidnapped banker

Reichenbach hero finds kidnap victim was a newspaper article written by crime correspondent Aileen Hickey.

The article read:

"SHERLOCK strikes again. Holmes came to the rescue yet again yesterday in London after he masterminded the whole rescue operation.
The top banker was kidnapped at gunpoint and described the whole ordeal as utterly terrifying. He had been missing for over a week and all hope had gone when his empty briefcase and clothes were found on the banks of the River Thames.
In this most remarkable case, it was revealed by Scotland Yard that the case was planted by Mr Holmes himself as part of his grand master plan to discover where the man was being held.
Incredibly, the whole case bore ... similarities to the Reichenbach ... which made Sherlock a house-hold name.
Scotland Yard ... there ... no way the man would have ... found alive without the help of ... Holmes and his sidekick ... bachelor John Watson.


The article appeared in the Sherlock episode The Reichenbach Fall.