Mrs. Hudson
Mrs. hudson
Vital statistics
Other names Hudders (by Sherlock Holmes)
Occupation Landlady
Family Frank Hudson (husband) †
Appearances 9 episodes
Main actor Una Stubbs

Martha Louise Hudson, née Sissons is a former exotic dancer and the landlady of 221B and 221C Baker Street. She was married to drug lord Frank Hudson, though their marriage was largely unhappy and ended with Frank's execution in Florida. She is a semi-reformed alcoholic, with a pressure point of marijuana.

The consulting detective Sherlock Holmes won Mrs. Hudson's after ensuring that her husband's execution. Due to his assistance, she allowed Sherlock and John Watson to stay at 221B for a reduced price from 2010 until 2012.



Once married, Mrs. Hudson and her husband bought a house. However it had black mould all over the walls.[1] At some unknown time, the couple moved to Florida in the United States. Mrs. Hudson became involved with her husband's drug cartel, including typing for the organisation. She also became an exotic dancer.

Return to England Edit

After Frank's execution, Mrs. Hudson returned to her apartment at Baker Street. She allowed Sherlock Holmes, alongside John Watson, to rent 221B Baker Street at a reduced cost.

Mrs. Hudson became involved with Mr. Chatterjee in 2010. The pair would meet at Speedy's Cafe, next-door to Mrs. Hudson's apartment. One Monday morning in March, Mrs. Hudson met Mr. Chatterjee at the cafe wearing the perfume Kasbah Nights. When Sherlock later revealed that Mr. Chatterjee had a secret wife in Doncaster, Mrs. Hudson ended their relationship.

After Sherlock's fallEdit

When Sherlock Holmes fell from St Bartholomew's Hospital's rooftop, the assassin sent to kill Mrs. Hudson did not complete his specified job. Mrs. Hudson continued to live in her Baker Street apartment, though John soon moved out of 221B Baker Street. John did not contact her after Sherlock's apparent suicide, and the two slowly grew apart during the two years of Sherlock's absense. Mrs. Hudson, knowing that Sherlock did not like her dusting, left 221B in the same state as when Sherlock lived there.


Mrs. Hudson appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

She also appeared in the unaired pilot episode.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mrs. Hudson is played by the English actress Una Stubbs.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. From the Sherlock episode The Great Game, when Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and DI Greg Lestrade were entering 221C Baker Street.