Molly Hooper
Molly hooper
Vital statistics
Affiliation St Bartholomew's Hospital
Occupation Specialist registrar[1]
Family Father †
Appearances 8 episodes
Main actor Louise Brealey

Molly Hooper is a specialist registrar at St Bartholomew's Hospital.[1] She is a close friend of Sherlock Holmes and often helps solve his cases, using her position within the hospital to access the mortuary and laboratory.

She runs a website, which is like Sherlock's Science of Deduction and John's blog, except it is a diary.


Molly allowed Sherlock Holmes to whip the body of a Barts employee with his riding crop. She flirted with him, asking if he wanted to have coffee with her. However he misinterpreted her advances, instead asking her to bring a coffee to him upstairs. She was once in love with Jim Moriarty until she found out the truth about him.

Time with Jim from ITEdit

Through her blog, Molly met Jim who claimed to work in IT. After sharing a midnight coffee, the pair began dating. Molly took Jim to meet Sherlock and was shocked when he announced that Jim was gay. After it was revealed that Jim was actually Jim Moriarty, Molly was devastated and posted on her blog that everything he said was a lie.



Caroline was a work colleague of Molly's. The pair became acquainted, though Molly was irritated by Caroline's continuous information about her hedge. When Molly bought her cat in February 2010, Caroline initially disapproved of the pet though eventually bought a tin of tuna to gain the cat's friendship. Caroline left Molly's friend group in early 2010, and Molly appeared not to miss her.


Molly Hooper appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

She is mentioned in Molly Hooper's blog. She also appeared in the unaired pilot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Molly Hooper is played by Louise Brealey.

Notes and referencesEdit

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