Mike Stamford
Mike stamford
Vital statistics
Affiliation St Bartholomew's Hospital
Occupation Teacher at Barts
Appearances A Study in Pink
A Scandal in Belgravia
The Sign of Three
Main actor David Nellist

Mike Stamford is a teacher at St Bartholomew's Hospital. He attended medical school at Barts, along with John Watson.

Mike hates the Covent Garden tube station because the lifts take forever.


On January 29 2010, Mike had both Sherlock Holmes and John say to him that no-one would want a flat share with them. Mike took John to Barts where Sherlock was and introduced them.

In September 2010, Mike and John had a night out drinking.

Mike was unable to attend John and Mary Morstan's wedding. However he sent a telegram to express his best wishes to the couple.


Mike Stamford appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

He was mentioned in the episodes:

Mike also appeared in the unaired Sherlock pilot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mike Stamford is played by the English actor David Nellist, who also played Stamford.