Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer wilson
Vital statistics
Died Early 2010
Occupation Professional woman
Family Husband
Rachel (daughter) †
Appearances A Study in Pink
Main actor Louise Breckon-Richards
"She’s cleverer than you lot and she’s dead!"
Sherlock Holmes about Jennifer Wilson.[src]

Jennifer Wilson was a professional woman, who probably worked in the media according to Sherlock Holmes' deductions. In early 2010, she was murdered in her late thirties by the cab driving serial killer Jeff Hope. She was the mother of the stillborn child Rachel.


She married her husband prior to 2000, though she was very unfaithful and had a string of other lovers. She had a stillborn daughter called Rachel in around 1996.


Jennifer wilson and jeff hope's cab

Jennifer Wilson entering Jeff Hope's cab.

In early 2010 she traveled from her home in Cardiff to London, intending to stay one night in the city. Jennifer caught a cab from Jeff Hope who took her under gunpoint to Lauriston Gardens, Brixton. When Jennifer left the cab she knew she was going to her death so she planted her smartphone in Jeff's cab. Then after being subjected to the pill game and choosing the wrong pill, she used her last moments to scratch her phone password onto the floorboards.


Jennifer Wilson appeared in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jennifer Wilson was played by Louise Breckon-Richards.