Jeff Hope
Jeff hope
Vital statistics
Died January 2010
Affiliation Jim Moriarty
Occupation Cab driver
Serial killer
Family Estranged wife
Two children
Appearances A Study in Pink
Main actor Phil Davis
"I didn’t kill those four people, Mr. ’olmes. I spoke to ’em ... and they killed themselves."
—Jeff on his killing tactics[src]

Jeff Hope was a London cab driver who was sponsored by Jim Moriarty to become a serial killer. He killed four known times, taking the lives of random people who happened to catch his cab. He eventually gained the attention of the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. He showed Sherlock his pill game, before being fatally shot by John Watson in early 2010.


Jeff Hope was married with two children. However his wife left him and kept the children, not letting Jeff see them. He then lived alone, often leaving shaving foam on his neck as there is no one to notice it.

In 2007, he was told he had an aneurysm in his brain.

Murder spreeEdit

Jeff was approached by Jim Moriarty, who offered money to go to his children for every life he took.

On October 12 2009, Jeff picked up the industrialist Sir Jeffrey Patterson from outside a London railway station. He took Jeffrey to an empty office building, where he offers him the two pill bottles. He left Jeffrey's twitching body before he had died.

On November 26 2009, Jeff picked up the student James Phillimore. He drove James to the Norbridge sports centre and offered him the two pills.

On January 27 2010, Jeff picked up the Junior Minister for Transport Beth Davenport from her wild birthday party. He took her to a building site in Greater London. He offered Beth the two pills, before she chose the poisoned one.

The Pink LadyEdit

Jeff killed Jennifer Wilson in 2010. He found her pink case in his cab afterwards and dumped it in a skip.

Jeff received a text from John Watson's phone saying "What happened at Lauriston Gdns? I must have blacked out. 22 Northumberland Street. Please come." Jeff presumed this was a text from Jennifer Wilson.

Meeting with Sherlock HolmesEdit

"Taxi for Sherlock ’olmes."
—Jeff Hope to Sherlock Holmes[src]
Jeff hope and sherlock holmes

Jeff Hope driving Sherlock Holmes.

Jeff went to 221B Baker Street and sent Sherlock a text saying "COME WITH ME". Sherlock went outside under the pretense of getting some air and met Jeff beside his cab. Jeff taunted Sherlock, saying that he could call the police but he would never learn how Jeff killed the people. Jeff hops into his cab, followed by Sherlock.

He took him to Roland Kerr Further Education College and walked inside, knowing Sherlock would follow. He took Sherlock to a room there and offered him the two pill bottles.

Jeff was killed by a bullet shot by John Watson.


Jeff Hope appeared in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Jeff Hope was played by Phil Davis.
  • The character of Jeff Hope is based on that of Jefferson Hope from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories. Jefferson Hope, who appeared in the story A Study in Scarlet, was also a cab driver with an aneurysm who killed a man using the same pill method. However he was not a proper genius like Jeff, instead leaving it to fate whether he lived or died. Jefferson was not shot by Watson, instead dying from his aneurysm before his case could go to court.