Vital statistics
Position Jeffrey Patterson's PA
Appearances A Study in Pink
Main actor Siobhan Hewlett
"I love you."
—Helen to her boss.[src]

Helen is the woman who was employed secretary of the industrialist Sir Jeffrey Patterson until his death in October 2010. She had an secretive affair with her boss, despite his marriage to Margaret Patterson.

On October 12 2010, she had a phone conversation with Sir Jeffrey, telling him to get a cab as his car had mistakenly gone to Waterloo. Jeffrey replied gruffly, saying he never took cabs. Helen flirted with him, saying "I love you" which he dismissed jokingly. She again told him to get a cab. However Sir Jeffrey ended up taking a cab from the serial killer Jeff Hope, who killed him with the pill game.

At the press conference after Jeffrey's death, Helen cried to herself just outside the conference room.


Helen appeared in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.

Behind the scenesEdit

Helen was played by the Irish actress Siobhan Hewlett.