Harriet Watson
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Other names Harry
Family John Watson (brother)
Mary Watson (sister-in-law)
Clara (ex-wife)
Rosamund Mary Watson (niece)
Appearances A Study in Pink
A Scandal in Belgravia
The Empty Hearse

Harriet "Harry" Watson is John Watson's sister and the former wife of Clara. She and John have a troubled relationship, causing John to not ask Harry for help when he needed accommodation in London. Harry was surprised to hear Bill Murray call her brother a casanova before his deployment to Afghanistan.


Harry was living with her partner Clara, but Harry walked out on her in October 2009. Harry gave the engraved phone that Clara gave her as a present to her brother. Harry is also an alcoholic; she leaves small scratches on the phone when her shaking hands try to plug the charger in. She also frequently uses bad language, forcing John to delete several of her comments of his blog.

Harry met her brother's girlfriend Sarah Sawyer, and offered her condolences upon their break up in April 2010.

Before Christmas 2010, Harry told her brother that she had given up drinking, though Sherlock Holmes thought otherwise.

Harry was unable to attend her brother and Mary Watson's wedding, though John joked that Harry and a free bar wouldn't have been a good mix.


Though she never appears in an episode, Harry was mentioned in:

Harry is also a frequent commenter on John's blog.