Greg Lestrade
Greg lestrade
Vital statistics
Other names Graham, Gavin and Geoff (by Sherlock Holmes)
Affiliation Metropolitan Police Service
Occupation Police officer
Position Detective Inspector
Family Wife
Appearances A Study in Pink
The Great Game
A Scandal in Belgravia
The Hounds of Baskerville
The Reichenbach Fall
The Empty Hearse
The Sign of Three
His Last Vow
The Six Thatchers
The Lying Detective
The Final Problem
Main actor Rupert Graves

Greg Lestrade[1] is a Detective Inspector for New Scotland Yard and a sympathizer of Sherlock Holmes, letting him into crime scenes to let him investigate with the help of John Watson.


Early police careerEdit

In 2007 Greg Lestrade believed that the restauranteur Angelo was the perpetrator of a vicious triple murder. However the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes was able to prove to Greg that Angelo was instead housebreaking elsewhere.[2]

On the trail of Jeff HopeEdit

After the death of Junior Minister for Transport Beth Davenport, Greg held a press conference to announce the circumstances and their similarities to the deaths of industrialist Sir Jeffrey Patterson and student James Phillimore. He faced many harsh questions during from the media and barely stayed controlled with help from Detective Sergeant Sally Donovan.

After the consequent death of Jennifer Wilson, Greg decided he needed the help of Sherlock Holmes. He visited 221B Baker Street to enlist the consulting detective. Greg then returned to the crime scene at Lauriston Gardens and awaited the arrival of Sherlock. He was mildly surprised when John Watson accompanied Sherlock but let him go due to the necessity of Sherlock's deductions. Greg incredulously listened to the deductions about Jennifer Wilson and was shocked when Sherlock left the crime scene hurriedly to locate the victim's case.

Greg lestrade at 221b baker street

Greg Lestrade at 221B Baker Street.

Greg knew that Sherlock would find the case and hence organised a fake drugs bust to look at 221B Baker Street. Greg reprimanded Sherlock for withholding evidence. Greg then revealed to Sherlock that Rachel was Jennifer Wilson's stillborn daughter. He then left 221B with his drugs squad after Sherlock left in a cab with Jeff Hope.

Greg was later called to Roland Kerr Further Education College after the shooting of Jeff Hope. He had a brief conversation with Sherlock Holmes.

Later casesEdit

Baker Street explosion and Carl Powers caseEdit

After an explosion made to look like a gas leak destroyed part of Baker Street, Greg called in Sherlock Holmes after a letter in a strong box was found addressed to him. After a pink phone was found in the envelope, Greg revealed to Sherlock and John Watson that he reads John's blog. After a photo of 221C Baker Street was found on the phone, Greg travelled there with Sherlock and John.

Ian Monkford caseEdit

Greg travelled to the crime scene containing Ian Monkford's car with Sally DonovanSherlock Holmes and John Watson. He told Sherlock all the information known about Ian Monkford and was extremely surprised when five hours later Sherlock announced Ian Monkford had moved to Columbia.

The Connie Prince caseEdit

After the death of television personality Connie Prince, Greg viewed her body at the St Bartholomew's Hospital morgue with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. He later travelled to 221B Baker Street and then to New Scotland Yard, where Sherlock informed him that Raoul de Santos was Connie Prince's killer.

After Sherlock's fallEdit

Anderson and greg lestrade

Greg Lestrade with Anderson.

A few years after Sherlock's apparent death, Greg met Anderson in a pub. He listened to Anderson's theories about Sherlock's survival and the cases he had reported solved. He dismissed all the theories, saying that Sherlock was definitely dead.

Later on that day, Greg visited John Watson to give him a box of Sherlock's old possessions, including a DVD of the uncut recording of Sherlock's birthday message to John.


Greg Lestrade appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

He also appeared in the Sherlock mini-episode Many Happy Returns.

Behind the scenesEdit

Greg Lestrade is played by the English actor Rupert Graves.

Greg Lestrade is based on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character Inspector Lestrade. As co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss said, the character is quite inconsistently portrayed in the Conan Doyle stories. They decided to use the character from The Six Napoleons, a man frustrated by Holmes and yet in awe of him.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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