"He was running ... a cartel. Got in with a really bad crowd. And then I found out about all the other women."
Mrs. Hudson about her husband.[src]

Frank Hudson was the husband of Mrs. Hudson. He worked in a cartel in America, before he was sentenced to death in Florida a few years before 2010 for a double murder. Sherlock Holmes ensured his execution, for which Mrs. Hudson was very grateful.


Frank met Mrs. Hudson and the couple married, though the relationship was appearently  Together they moved to Florida. Frank was running a cartel, unbeknownst to his wife. He was also have multiple affairs with another women. He was then arrested for double murder and executed by lethal injection.[1]


"Look at him, dashing about! My husband was just the same."
—Mrs. Hudson to John Watson about her late husband.[src]
Mrs. hudson

Mrs. Hudson.

Mrs. Hudson was not extremely fond of her husband, tired of his excessive "dashing about". She was very grateful for Sherlock Holmes' work on his death sentence, as he ensured he was executed.


Frank Hudson was mentioned in the Sherlock episodes:

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Information from the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three, told to John Watson by Mrs. Hudson.