Eddie Van Coon
Van Coon
Vital statistics
Died March 2010
Affiliation Black Lotus Tong
Occupation Banker
Appearances The Blind Banker
Main actor Daniel Percival

Edward Van Coon was a Hong Kong banker working at the Shad Sanderson Bank in London and a smuggler for the Black Lotus Tong.


Early lifeEdit

Edward was educated at the school Harrow. After school, he was educated at Oxford.

Later lifeEdit

Edward worked in Asia for a period of time, before returning to England. Because of his time spent there, Seb Wilkes gave him the Hong Kong accounts at the Shad Sanderson Bank, London. At 10:35am on March 3 2010, Eddie took a taxi from Heathrow to his office. He was later found dead, locked in his apartment.


Eddie Van Coon appeared in the Sherlock episode The Blind Banker.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eddie Van Coon was played by Daniel Percival.