Boy, 18, kills himself inside sports centre
James phillimore newspaper article
Vital statistics
Author Aileen Hickey
Newspaper Daily Express
Publish date November, 2009
Photographs Photograph of James Phillimore
Subject Details the death and apparent suicide of James Phillimore

The article about James Phillimore's death is a newspaper article by crime correspondent Aileen Hickey about the death of the student James Phillimore.

The article read:

"The body of James Phillimore was found in the Norbridge sports centre. The police are describing his death as a suicide and have apparently ruled out foul play. His body was found at seven o'clock this morning. He was last seen the previous evening. He told a friend he was returning to his house to fetch an umbrella, and was not seen again.
James - Jimmy to his friends - was a first year student at the Roland Kerr further education college, and worked nights at a garage to finance his education.
His mother is being treated for shock, while his uncle described him as "The last person in the world to commit suicide. A gentle, lovely boy. This isn't possible."
James was last seen by his best friend, Gary Jenkins. Gary described himself as "shocked and bewildered. I was out with him, we were going to meet friends. He just went back for his umbrella and then he does this! I don't understand it."


The article appeared in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.