Beth Davenport
Beth davenport
Vital statistics
Died 27 January 2010
Occupation Junior Minister for Transport
Appearances A Study in Pink
Main actor Katy Maw
Male aide: "Is she still dancing?"
Female aide: "Yeah, if you can call it that."
―Beth's aides about her dancing abilities.[src]

Beth Davenport (d. 27 January 2010) was a politician and Junior Minister for Transport. On 27 January 2010, she held a wild party in London with loud, pounding music to celebrate her birthday. Unbeknown to her, one of her aides took her car keys out of Beth's bag, seeing as Beth was too drunk to drive.

Later that night Beth left the party and made her way to her car. Finding that her car keys were missing from her bag, she looked around in desperation for a means of transport. At this moment, Jeff Hope's cab pulled up and Beth decided to catch the cab. Having earlier dealt with Jim Moriarty about murdering for a reward, Jeff decided that Beth was a suitable victim for a staged suicide. Jeff drove her to a building site in the Greater London area, before offering her one poison pill and one harmless pill. She chose the fatal pill and soon died from the poison.


Beth Davenport appeared in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.

Behind the scenesEdit

Beth Davenport was portrayed by the British actress Katy Maw.