Andy Galbraith
Andy galbraith
Vital statistics
Affiliation National Antiquities Museum
Occupation Archeology expert
Appearances The Blind Banker
Main actor Al Weaver

Andy Galbraith was an archeology graduate[1] working at the National Antiquities Museum in London. He had a crush on his colleague Soo Lin Yao, and helped Sherlock Holmes and John Watson find her after she disappeared.


After Soo Lin's disappearance, Andy was asked to appraise two Chengua Ming vases up for auction at Crispian's, as Soo Lin had resigned from her job.

Andy visited Soo Lin's flat but when he found no-one home, he left a message under the door.

Andy then confronted the museum director, asking why Soo Lin resigned if she was in the middle of an important piece of restoration. The museum director said that she had resigned for "family problems", though Andy knew this was untrue because she came to Britain on her own.

When Sherlock Holmes visited Soo Lin's flat, he found Andy's note. Sherlock and John Watson visited Andy at the museum and asked him questions about Soo Lin.


Soo Lin YaoEdit

Andy galbraith and soo lin yao

Andy Galbraith and Soo Lin Yao.

"Almost the last thing she said to me... you have to look hard at something to see its value. I knew she was a sweet girl. But truly - I never knew how brave she was as well."
—Andy Galbraith about Soo Lin Yao after her disappearance.[src]

Andy had a crush on Soo Lin Yao.


Andy Galbraith appeared in the Sherlock episode The Blind Banker.

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