221B Baker Street
221B Baker Street
Vital statistics
Location London, England
Residents Sherlock Holmes
John Watson (formerly)
Appearances All episodes

221B Baker Street is a flat situated in central London. It is owned by Mrs. Hudson, who rents it out to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.


After Sherlock's returnEdit

The apartment became unused after Sherlock Holmes faked his death. John Watson moved out and eventually came to live at another house with his partner. Knowing Sherlock's dislike for her dusting, Mrs. Hudson left the apartment as it was for roughly two years.

In late 2013, John returned to Baker Street and he and Mrs. Hudson held a discussion about his future in 221B. After Sherlock has revealed his survival to all his friends, he returned to live in 221B. He immediately used one of the main room's walls as a place to put his information about his criminal markers. Mycroft soon came to visit him, and the two brothers played a game of Operation.


221B Baker Street appeared in all Sherlock episodes:

221B Baker Street also appeared in the unaired pilot episode.

Behind the scenesEdit

"It’s kind of a cool place."
—Production designer Arwel Wyn Jones on the set of 221B
  • Interiors for 221B in series one and two were filmed at Upper Boat Studios in Cardiff, a BBC Wales production facility.
  • The creators, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, wanted 221B to be cosy but not "student squalor". Production designer Arwel Wyn Jones stated that the creators "wanted [221B Baker Street] basically to feel like [Sherlock and John’s] den, like a place you’d want to be and share with them and spend time in."[1]
  • Mark Gatiss said that the wallpaper from the episode A Study in Pink was a lot less "red and Victorian" compared to the pilot episode. Sue Vertue said that in the pilot there were two levels to the apartment everyone kept tripping over the step, so it was changed.

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Notes and referencesEdit

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